Lunch with Wine Pairing and Queirolo Vineyard Tour

Lunch with Wine Pairing and Queirolo Vineyard Tour

Experience distinctly Peruvian food and drink at the Quierolo Vineyard lunch and wine pairing. You'll have the benefit of a sommelier tour guide's expert insight into the production and flavor of locally grown wine and pisco brandy.

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At Quierolo Vineyards, you’ll get the opportunity to sample some of Peru’s finest wines in the stunning Ica Valley, which is located at the foot of the mountains and is a short distance from the sea. It is precisely this varied landscape that allows the grapes at Quierolo to ripen into such high-quality vintages. Dry desert soil, warm days, and cold nights work together to create complex grapes and notable wine. Besides wine, the Quierolo Vineyards also produce the grapes that make pisco, a clear grape brandy and a national favorite.

To make high-quality pisco, vineyards like Quierolo must take special precautions to ensure a good harvest. On a tour of the vineyard and the distillation area, you’ll get a first-hand look at how it all happens. The sommelier will guide the tour, as well as the tasting of either wine or pisco. During lunch, visitors will get to enjoy an entree and dessert, paired with two glasses of wine and a glass of pisco.

Attraction Visited

Queirolo Vineyard

The Queirolo Vineyards are located outside the town of Ica. Set at the foot of the Andean mountains some 1,380 feet (420 m) above sea level, these vineyards are located in an ideal climate for growing grapes.

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What to Bring

Comfortable walking shoes and camera.

What's included

Wine or pisco tasting, sommelier-guided tour, and lunch. Lunch includes an entree, a dessert, two wine pairings and one pisco pairing.


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