Full-Day Llama Pack Project Nature Tour

Full-Day Llama Pack Project Nature Tour

The Llama Pack Project is designed to introduce visitors to a way of life that’s a bit off the beaten path, high in the mountains of the Andes. This 6- to 7-hour tour comes with the chance to take in the incredible sights of this high-altitude landscape. You’ll also get to trek with llamas, and experience firsthand how the Quechua have managed to sustain their fairly isolated communities for many centuries. Keep in mind that this is challenging hike, with 3 hours of uphill hiking and 2 hours of downhill.

7 hrs
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Offered in English, Spanish

After meeting with the Llama Pack Project, your guides will show you their particular method of packing the llamas. Note: This is when you’ll get to see the llamas up close, as the rest of the hike is spent with the llamas in front – as wild animals, llamas aren’t considered pets and visitors will be reminded not to pet them. Once they’re packed, you’ll set off on a 2.5 to 3-hour trek. As you walk along a river, surrounded by the grand, imposing rock faces of the mountains, your guide will tell you more about llamas and how their lifestyle relies on the eco-friendly help of their furry friends.

Your hike takes you through forests of native trees. Guides can point out species that are native to the Andes, like queñal and chachacoma trees. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the ruins of Inkarakai. Take a moment to inspect the remains of this Inca site, and then continue a few minutes to reach a scenic spot for your picnic. Your guide will serve a variety of sandwiches, fruit salad, cookies, soda, and warm coca leaf tea – a traditional remedy for altitude sickness. Eat and relax while you take in the stunning view. Once you’ve had your fill, you’ll begin your return hike back to the Llama Pack basecamp.

Note: On the rare occasion that llamas cannot join the tour, you’ll still get to experience the rest of the activities.


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