What Kinds of Gifts and Souvenirs Can I Find in Belize?

Local artists make oil paintings, jewelry, masks, ceramics, and bamboo carvings inspired by Caribbean scenery. You can find items like these in outdoor craft markets.

In Maya communities, some of the local women still carry on the traditional art form of basket weaving. Their baskets have stylized representations of plants and animals. Some of the more popular Maya ruins have their own museums with small gift shops.

Bring back some favorite Belizean libations to share with your friends. One Barrel Rum is the most popular rum in Belize, and it is made from locally grown sugar cane. Belikin Beer is also made locally, and will make a lovely gift for the craft brew enthusiasts in your life.

Marie Sharp’s is a popular Belizean brand of hot sauce. She makes a variety of hot sauces, as well as jams another other condiments.

Make sure not to buy anything that encourages the destruction of the local environment. It is illegal to buy and sell pieces of coral. You should also avoid any souvenir that looks like it came from an endangered animal (for instance, a shell from a sea turtle).

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