With over 500 species of birds, you can’t help but stumble into some incredible bird watching opportunities while you’re in Belize. Paddle softly around the mangroves near the coast to see a wild variety of waterfowl. Tiptoe inland to see tropical birds of the rainforests and the pine forests.


On our bird watching tours you’ll get to visit bird watching hot spots with expert guides. They’ll know all the best spots for catching glimpses of the rarest species. Keep in mind that bird watching tours tend to leave early in the morning to catch the birds at their most active, so come ready to set an alarm.

waterfowl and marine reserves

You can seabirds in the mangrove forests of Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve and the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. Turneffe Island also has lagoons and mangroves that you can explore on a bird watching adventure.

birdwatching in the forest

Mayflower Bocawina National Park is the place to look for mot mots, trogoans, and owls. In Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve you can check woodpeckers, cuckoos, and bright-rumped attilas off your list. As you hike to the famous sinkhole in St. German’s Blue Hole National Park, keep an eye out for toucans.

let us show the way

At bird watching destinations you can select from different types of hotels, including eco lodges and luxury resorts. Tell us what type of vacation you want to have and we can expertly tailor your bird watching vacation.

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