Maya Beach

Maya Beach is a very small and quiet beach community on the Placencia peninsula that consists of a long, clean strip of sand, beach loungers, wooden docks jutting out over the sea, and hammocks strung between palm trees. Visitors who come here do so to relax, sunbathe, and dine on fresh seafood at one of the few beach front restaurants. Out of the three beach towns on the Placencia peninsula, Maya Beach is the most serene.

Maya Beach Best Things to Do

Monkey River Tour, Belize
Monkey River TourPlacencia

Monkey River is surrounded by dense jungle, and as a result, much of this area is a protected zone. On this tour, you’ll go boating down the river and hike over newly blazed trails.

3 km away
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Lubaantun Mayan Ruin & Blue Creek Cave, Belize
Lubaantun Mayan Ruin & Blue Creek CavePlacencia

Visit the Maya Ruin site of Lubaantun and then hike to the caves of Blue Creek. Located in the remote south of Belize is a magical 1300 year old Mayan ruin that is just waiting to share its story with you. Step into the past and imagine coming here as an early explorer, hacking your way through the jungle to the crumbling steps.

3 km away
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2 - Maya Beach, Belize
3 - Maya Beach, Belize
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5 - Maya Beach, Belize
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11 - Maya Beach, Belize

Area Guide

Maya Beach has a small number of beach-front hotels, guest houses, and comfortable beach cabanas to choose from. There isn’t much nightlife, but there is plenty for the outdoorsy to do. A fun way to explore the area is by kayak or beach cruiser, and many of the hotels have these available for rent.

Snorkeling directly off the coast is possible, but wind and waves can result in poor visibility right off the shore. If you're looking to see lots of wildlife, arrange for snorkeling or diving tours out to Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve or Laughing Bird Caye National Park, where there is more abundant marine life. Many of these tours depart from the more southern end of the peninsula, in Placencia Village.

The Placencia Peninsula is located 130 miles (209) km south of Belize City. The road was recently redone in 2008 and is currently in decent condition. It is the first beach town that you come to driving south on the Peninsula. This also means it is a good place to base yourself if you are interested in exploring some of the nearby attractions in the Maya Mountains, including Cockscomb Wildlife Basin and some of the southern Maya ruins. For those preferring to fly, there is also a domestic airport 6 miles (10 km) south, near Placencia Village, and flights leave daily from Belize City and other parts of Belize.