Belize Transportation Guide & Booking Service

Belize Transportation Guide & Booking Service

Belize is a small country, but you'll still need to use various forms of transportation to get around. A number of options exist, including shared shuttles, private transfers, domestic flights, boats, and public buses. When considering what transportation to choose, it's important to think about what destinations you want to visit and how close they are to one another. Oftentimes it's possible to combine several modes of transportation during your trip. While planning, keep in mind your timeframe, budget, and travel route. And as always, don't hesitate to ask us if you want some help.

Belize Shuttle Service & Booking

Shared shuttles are a comfortable, convenient, and economical way to travel around Belize.

These shuttles typically use minibuses that can hold 8 to 16 people. The shuttles provide door-to-door service, picking you up from a hotel in your original destination and dropping you off at a hotel in your final destination. If you're staying somewhere outside the main part of town, however, you may have to take a taxi to your hotel; this can be arranged beforehand.

Belize Private Ground Transportation

If you want the flexibility to determine your travel route and timeline, private transport shuttles are your best bet.

These shuttles will transport you to all mainland destinations in Belize, and do it on your schedule.

Domestic Flights in Belize

Belize is well connected by domestic flights, and these can be a quick and convenient way to get around the country.

Domestic flights allow you to comfortably travel from one destination to another, as well as see a good bit of scenery along the way. These small airplanes often fly low, and passengers will enjoy awesome views of the coast, jungle, and Belize Barrier Reef during a flight.