On this tour you’ll visit the ancient aqueducts and archeological wonders of Cumbemayo. This tour provides travelers with a good glimpse into the Peruvian past.

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The carved water canals at Cumbemayo are incredible and continue to baffle archeologists—one look at these smooth, straight structures and you too will be amazed.

It’s thought that the canals were carved with obsidian hammers. They are at least 3,000 years old and provide evidence for the feats of hydraulic engineering that the inhabitants of this region were capable of. The canals divert water from the Pacific side of Peru to the Atlantic side. There are several enigmatic petroglyphs here as well.

Some archeologists think that Cumbemayo was once used for religious purposes. No doubt about it, this is a spectacularly beautiful place, especially with its ichú grass and strange volcanic formations. Be sure to have your camera handy when visiting.

Attraction Visited

Cumbe Mayo

The ancient aqueducts of Cumbe Mayo continue to baffle archaeologists. Set outside the town of Cajamarca in Peru’s Northern Highlands, Cumbe Mayo is an utterly fascinating place to visit.

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