The Incan Baths

The Incan Baths

The Incan Baths are one of Cajamarca’s foremost attractions. These hot thermal pools have been around since Incan times and are a wonderful place to take a dip and relax.

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The Incan Baths (Baños del Inca) are set just outside Cajamarca. During this tour you’ll visit the baths for a relaxing soak.

The pools are thought to be where Inca Atahualpa enjoyed his baths—it’s true that these sulfurous waters have been enjoyed for hundreds of years. The best-known thermal springs are “El Tragadero” and “Los Perolitos,” which mean “The Drain” and “The Little Pots” respectively.

The pools can be hot, especially in the afternoon. The best time of day to enjoy them is in the morning, when the nighttime temperatures cool down the water. Once the temperature creeps up, the thermal water is mixed with cool river water to maintain a comfortable temperature. The hot water bubbles up through the stone bottom of the baths.


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