Chiclayo Hotels

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Casa Andina Select Chiclayo is centrally located in Chiclayo. This hotel has clean, comfortable rooms and a good restaurant.
Costa del Sol Chiclayo is in the perfect location for getting the most out of Chiclayo’s attractions. It’s also ideal for people interested in learning more about Peru’s ancient cultures, at the archaeological sites of ruins left behind by the Moche and Chimú cultures.
A perfect place for any trip, where you can experience the best of Chiclayo together with the total comfort of its facilities.
In northern Peru, Chiclayo has a culture distinct from the rest of the Andes. Staying at the Costa del Sol Ramado, you’ll be a short distance from Parque Principal, the city’s main square. There you’ll see the late-19th century cathedral, its two white towers framing the blue Peruvian sky.