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English & Spanish
4 hrs
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Pisco Route in Ica PhotoPisco Route in Ica Photo

This tour introduces travelers to the vineyards that produce pisco, the clear brandy that serves as a pisco sour's main ingredient. On this tour you’ll see how pisco has slowly evolved into a mainstay of Peruvian bars.

Your tour begins with a visit to a pisco vineyard called Bodega El Catador. Here, you’ll learn about the history behind pisco and its varietals. El Catador means “the taster” in English, and this traditional vineyard has been offering excellent tastes of pisco since 1856. The next stop on the tour is an industrial winery called La Bodega Vista Alegre. This location produces 5 million liters of Pisco every year, in addition to a wide variety of wines. On this part of the tour you’ll learn more about modern, large-scale pisco production. Tacama Winery is the final stop. Visitors can climb up to the colonial-era belfries and take in the view of the scenic vineyards.

What to Bring

Sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, a hat, and money for souvenirs.

What's included

Guided tours of Bodega El Catador, Tacama Winery, and La Bodega Vista Alegre.
Pisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in IcaPisco Route in Ica

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