Fountains of Lima and Dinner Show

Fountains of Lima and Dinner Show

Lima is a colorful city. This tour gives visitors a sense of where that dizzying array of colors comes from, with a look at Peru’s artistic and gastronomic culture.

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At Parque La Reserva, you’ll see the “Magic Water Circuit,” one of Lima’s most famous park attractions. It consists of a series of fountains that light up at night in bright, neon colors. Streams of water perform elaborate choreography, making temporary designs that visitors can explore as closely as they want. Some visitors run through the fountains and get completely soaked, while others keep to the safety of the tunnels created by arching streams of water, preserving dry pathways.

After you get your fill of the fountains, the tour continues to the Dama Juana Restaurant. There you’ll have the chance to sample a wide variety of Peruvian dishes at the buffet. These dishes come from the tried-and-true recipes of Peruvian cookbooks, drawing on Chinese, Spanish, and African influences.

As part of the Dama Juana experience, you’ll also get to take in a folk dance performance. Peru has a complex and varied dance culture, and the show covers a variety of styles. One of the most well-known dances in Peru is the marinera, a dance performed by couples, recognizable by the dramatic flourishes of handkerchiefs and wide-brimmed hats. Afro-Peruvian communities have brought their own twist to traditional Peruvian dances, accompanied by upbeat percussion. Many folkloric dance traditions date back to agricultural ceremonies, performed since before colonization under the Spanish. These dancers wear elaborate masks and colorful costumes, a distinctive feature of Peruvian dance to this day.

What to Bring

Comfortable walking shoes and a camera.

What's included

Transportation with professional driver, hotel pickup, multilingual guide, tickets to events, and a buffet dinner.


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