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MIL Centro Restaurant at Moray PhotoMIL Centro Restaurant at Moray Photo

There’s dining in a high-rise, then there’s dining on top of the world. MIL Centro Restaurant lets you touch the sky in Peru. Sample delicious dishes crafted from ingredients that were practically grown in Heaven…or at least really high up. Head 11,706 feet (3,568 m) above sea level where mountains, clouds, and fine cuisine collide.

Make your way to the beautiful and ancient land of Peru where relics of the past coexist with the future. Walk through the ruins of past civilizations; discover the origins of traditions; and experience the beauty of the region whilst you enjoy an incredible assortment of cultural and outdoor tours. Pass by llamas and alpacas as you go on hikes — yes, they make it look easy. Meet friendly people who are happy to teach you about their culture; you can start by exploring how agriculture and altitude have long been intertwined.

If Altitude Had A Taste…

Once famous for it’s salt mines, Moray now invites you to enjoy one of the world’s most unique dining experiences. Situated amidst lush, stunning mountains and clouds that look close enough to touch, MIL Centro Restaurant offers you the opportunity to sample 8 courses of high-altitude cuisine. Billed as “8 moments, 8 ecosystems of height” each dish on the tasting menu is specifically crafted from ingredients that prosper at a certain altitude or environment. This also means that your meal is highly sustainable — the menu uses native crops that thrive, so there is no forced cultivation to stress the soil, and you’re supporting local farmers/families who supply the restaurants with their ingredients.

So what’s on this delicious menu? The following high-altitude ecosystems:

  • Preservation - Freeze dried potato chuño, corn, wild uchucuta, oca.
  • Plateau - Cabuya nectar, lamb, kañihua grain, white quinoa.
  • Andean Forest - Lupinus legume, pork belly, avocado, rocoto pepper.
  • Diversity of Corn - Piscoronto, chullpi, white corn, local cheese.
  • Extreme Altitude - Duck, black quinoa, lake blue-breen algae, wheat.
  • Central Andes - Potatoes, stems, chaco clay, chincho.
  • Frozen Cordillera - Wild muña, tumbo, kjolle.
  • Huatia OF Cacao - Mashwa, coca leaf, cacao, mucilage.

The Pleasures of Doing Good

Additionally, it’s not just the ingredients that are locall sourced, from art to stoneware to ceramics, you’ll find that regional producers are responsible for many of the elements at MIL Centro. So, you’re supporting many businesses (and talents) within Cusco.

During your stay in Peru, don’t just make another dinner reservation, dine somewhere truly special. Your feast is served on top of the world when add MIL Centro to your travel itinerary. Make the experience even more enjoyable when you let your Anywhere Local Expert manage all of your tours, accommodations, and transportation — enjoy dinner, cocktails, and a safe ride home.

What's included

Tasting Menu "High Altitude Ecosystems" of 8 steps. Plus infusions. DOES NOT include transportation, tips, or alcoholic drinks.
MIL Centro Restaurant at MorayMIL Centro Restaurant at MorayMIL Centro Restaurant at MorayMIL Centro Restaurant at MorayMIL Centro Restaurant at MorayMIL Centro Restaurant at MorayMIL Centro Restaurant at Moray