Peruvian Paso Horse Exhibition and Marinera Dance

Peruvian Paso Horse Exhibition and Marinera Dance

Experience two Peruvian cultural traditions during this tour—you’ll see dancers perform the Marinera and witness the Peruvian paso horse in action.

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The Marinera is considered the national dance of Peru. During this tour you’ll watch a skillful couple showcase the dance’s elegant moves of courtship and romance. Handkerchiefs are used as props in this graceful dance.

The Peruvian paso is a breed of light saddle horse known for its smooth ride and natural, four-beat gait. Paso horses emerged from the northern regions of Peru and are now protected by the Peruvian government. The National Institute of Culture (INC) has also declared them a Cultural Heritage of the Nation. During this tour you’ll learn about the history and culture that surround this horse. It’s especially fun to watch the horse be ridden with its tail up, mane flowing, and the rider in quiet control.

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