Trujillo City & Archaeology Museum

Trujillo City & Archaeology Museum

Explore both the colonial mansions of Trujillo and the Archeology and History Museum during this tour. Afterwards you’ll have a much better appreciation for the “City of Eternal Spring.”

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3 hrs
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9:00 AM, 2:00 PM
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Trujillo has one of Peru’s most impressive collections of colonial homes. Sugarcane farms once flourished here and helped to finance big houses, churches, and an extravagant style of life. During this tour you’ll come to understand this colonial wealth as you visit the Baroque houses and Republican mansions. You’ll appreciate the richness of the churches, which have simple exteriors but showy interiors. The churches and homes are well preserved and impressive.

Next you will stop by the University of Trujillo’s Museum of Archeology and History. While here you’ll learn about the pre-Columbian cultures of this region. The museum explores Peruvian history, beginning in 12,000 B.C. to the arrival of the Spanish. The university is helping excavate Huaca de Luna, and there are many artifacts from this site present at the museum.

What to Bring

Camera and comfortable shoes.

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