Trujillo Tours and Activities

Trujillo tours and activities listing, a guide of excursions available while traveling in Trujillo
During this full day tour you’ll explore Peru’s Moche and Chimú civilizations. Along the way you’ll visit the Sun and Moon Huacas, Huaca Arcos Iris (Rainbow Temple/El Dragon), the archeological site of Chan Chan, and the traditional town of Huanchaco.
Spend a half-day exploring the El Brujo Archeological Complex during this tour. El Brujo is considered one of the more important ceremonial centers along Peru’s northern coast.
Explore both the colonial mansions of Trujillo and the Archeology and History Museum during this tour. Afterwards you’ll have a much better appreciation for the “City of Eternal Spring.”
During this full-day combination tour you’ll explore the city of Trujillo, the University of Trujillo’s Archeology and History Museum, and the Sun and Moon Huacas. It’s a great introduction to the history and culture of this region.
This tour packs a powerful punch. You’ll explore the city of Trujillo and the Universidad Nacional Trujillo Museum (UNT), and then head off to visit the Sun and Moon Huacas and the archeological complex of Chan Chan.
This full-day combination tour offers travelers an extensive look at the culture, lifestyles, and history of Peru. You’ll tour the city of Trujillo and the UNT Museum, the Arco Iris Temple (El Dragon), the archeological complex of Chan Chan, and the fishing village of Huanchaco.
This tour provides travelers with an excellent look at Peru’s Chimú civilization. You’ll visit the Huaca Arcos Iris (Rainbow Temple), the traditional town of Huanchaco, and Chan Chan, one of the most important archaeological sites in Peru.