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This 4-hour tour is one of the most exciting adventures you’ll find in the Belizean rainforest. Besides the thrill of the zip lines, it’s also an excellent chance to spot tropical birds and monkeys in their natural habitat. Keep an eye (and ear!) out for howler monkeys, toucans, motmots, and macaws.

There are a total of five lines, with instructors waiting for you at each platform. Your guides will make sure you know how the zip lines work before you take flight. These zip-lines take you to fairly lofty heights, but you’re in good hands with the sturdy equipment.

This is an easy activity, and well-suited to travelers of all ages. Make sure to leave behind any loose jewelry, and bring some bug spray to ward off mosquitoes. And most important of all, make sure to come ready for a memorable flight through the trees, in a richly diverse corner of the rainforest.

What to Bring

Comfortable attire, closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, extra water, and a camera. **Please Note**: Do not bring loose jewelry or sunglasses.

What's included

Transportation, guides, and water. (Lunch is NOT included)

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