Destinations: Where to Go in Belize

Wondering where to go in Belize? There are more options than you think. A Belize beach getaway is just the beginning! Where to go and stay in Belize is a matter of what you want to do, and who you’re traveling with. Snorkeling at Glover’s Reef Atoll, trekking to the Maya ruins of Tikal from San Ignacio, or exploring the rainforests of the Rio Blanco National Park before returning to Punta Gorda are great destinations if you’re wondering where to go in Belize with family.

What if you’re planning a romantic getaway? You want a little bit of activity, but you want indulgence, rest, and relaxation more. Where to go in Belize for a honeymoon? Well, if you go to Placencia Village, you can enjoy beaches and beach activities like paddle boarding or scuba diving out at the Silk Caye Marine Reserve. Visit reggae bars in town when you want to party, but stay in high-end accommodations — it’s the perfect blend of luxury and outdoor fun in the sun with the locals.

The beauty of Belize is that an excuse to get outside is never in short supply, but then again, neither is a reason to relax. Whether you want to explore ruins, go tubing through caves, or simply soak up the sun with a paperback in hand, you don’t have to choose between adventure and relaxation in Belize — the only decision you have to make is which you want more of.

Belize Attractions