Can I Use My Cell Phone In Belize?

You can use your cell phone in Belize if you arrange it with your phone company ahead of time, including having your provider unlock your phone so you can install a new SIM card once you arrive in Belize. These SIM cards are available at the Belize Telemedia Ltd. (BLT) office at the international airport, as well as various BLT offices and private shops around the country. Alongside the SIM card, you’ll need to pick up a prepaid phone card for outgoing calls, though incoming calls are free. At the BLT offices or stores that distribute for them, you also have the option of renting a cell phone; some Belizean car rental companies offer this as well.

Alternatively, Smart! is a company with offices in most cities in Belize that can reprogram your unlocked phone for about BZ$40 plus the cost of a prepaid per-minute calling plan (texts and incoming calls are free).

You can also buy an inexpensive phone in Belize for around $50 to $80 US and sign up for a no-contract, prepaid plan. Calls will cost around 25 cents per minute.

When making calls within Belize, remember that the first of each 7-digit number is a district area code:

2 - Belize District.

3 - Orange Walk.

4 - Corozal.

5 - Stann Creek.

7 - Toledo.

8 - Cayo.

6 - Mobile phones.

The second digit of each Belizean number dictates the type of phone service:

0 - Prepaid service.

1 - Mobile.

2 - Landline.

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