El Brujo Complex

El Brujo is an ancient monument of the Moche culture. The original ruins - once filled with countless treasures and Peru's most famous mummy, the Lady of Cao - is now accompanied by an outstanding museum.

El Brujo is located 37 miles (60 km) northwest of Trujillo. The moniker Brujo, which can be translated as "Wizard," is due to the fact that many healers, witches and shamans used to visit the pyramids here.

Located in the Chicama valley in the province of Ascope, El Brujo has been under investigation since the 1990s and has developed into an impressive destination for the historical-minded travelers.

El Brujo was one of the most important religious sites of the Moche culture. The complex contains the famous Cao Viejo and Huaca Cortada pyramids. The huge pyramid Cao Viejo is similar to the Huaca de la Luna, which is close to Trujillo; its relief murals and colorful wall designs are still intact and provide visitors with a fascinating look into ancient artwork.

Today, this pyramid is still full of surprises. There are many legends that are still told by the inhabitants of the Chicama Valley—one tells of a carriage full of gold that appeared at the opening of the pyramid and then drove into the sea, where it sank.

The discovery of the Lady of Cao, a female Moche mummy, in the Cao Viejo had the biggest impact on the El Brujo complex. Visitors can tour both the burial chamber and the museum, where the Cao mummy is displayed along with the many precious artifacts that were found buried with it. The museum is one of the most modern and progressive museums in Peru.

North Coast, Peru, South America

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