El Brujo Complex Half Day Tour

El Brujo Complex Half Day Tour

Spend a half-day exploring the El Brujo Archeological Complex during this tour. El Brujo is considered one of the more important ceremonial centers along Peru’s northern coast.

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El Brujo is located about 38 miles (60 km) north of Trujillo in the Chicama Valley—this is much more off-the-beaten-path than other archeological sites. El Brujo is essentially three huacas. The largest of these rises to a height of about 98 feet (30 m) from the surrounding desert and covers an area of roughly 330 square feet (100 square meters). It was built with tens of thousands of adobe bricks. Incredibly, El Brujo was in use from 3,000 B.C. to colonial times.

The walls of Huaca Cortada are covered with polychrome reliefs that show Moche warriors. Huaca Cao has been extensively excavated and includes five platforms with murals on five levels that show priests, warriors, and sacrificial victims.

In 2005 archeologists discovered the tomb of a mummy in Huaca Cao, who has been dubbed Señora del Cao. The second oldest female mummy ever found in Peru, Señora del Cao is covered in tattoos. It’s thought that she was a political dignitary and Moche royalty.

This tour provides travelers with an introduction to ancient Moche culture. It’s a good way to explore one of Peru’s lesser-visited archeological sites.

Attraction Visited

El Brujo Complex

El Brujo is an ancient monument of the Moche culture. The original ruins - once filled with countless treasures and Peru's most famous mummy, the Lady of Cao - is now accompanied by an outstanding museum.

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