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Peruvian architecture is an interesting mixture of Incan, indigenous, colonial, and modern influences. These tours will explore various buildings and monuments in Peru, most of them in cities. Guides point out important features and help travelers understand how and why the structures were built. As such, these tours are a good introduction not only to the aesthetics of Peru, but also to its history and culture.

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The Incan Baths, Peru
The Incan BathsCajamarca

The Incan Baths are one of Cajamarca’s foremost attractions. These hot thermal pools have been around since Incan times and are a wonderful place to take a dip and relax.

Hot Springs
Full Day Tour to Chavin de Huantar Archaelogical Complex, Peru
Full Day Tour to Chavin de Huantar Archaelogical ComplexHuaraz

This all-day tour brings you to the Chavín Archeological Monument, which is one of the oldest sites in the Americas — construction began around 1500 BC. People came to this center to consult the oracle and to make offerings to the gods. The exterior walls are decorated with a series of zoomorphic faces. Other highlights of the complex include the Tello Pyramid, the Circular Plaza, the Rectangular Plaza, the New Temple, and the Old Temple. In the village of Chavín de Huantar, just a few minutes from the complex, the museum exhibits archaeological artifacts found in the complex.

Guided Tours
Cajamarca City Tour, Peru
Cajamarca City TourCajamarca

The charming city of Cajamarca is set within the Andes in northern Peru. During this tour you’ll explore the city and see some of its most notable sites.

City Tour

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