Pyramids & Museums of Chiclayo

Pyramids & Museums of Chiclayo

This tour includes visits to the ancient archeological site of Sipán, the Tumbas Reales Museum, and the pyramids of Túcume. As such, it provides travelers with an unparalleled look at both the Moche and Sicán cultures.

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At the site of Sipán you’ll explore both Huaca Rajada and the Tumbas Reales Museum. Huaca Rajada is the original site where the tomb of the Lord of Sipán was discovered. These days, the tombs have replicas of what was initially found when archeologist Walter Alva excavated them in 1987. There are also two pyramids here made up of an adobe mixture—these days, they kind of look like big dirt mountains. You can climb to the top of the largest pyramid and get excellent views of the surrounding area.

The Tumbas Reales Museum is simply extraordinary. The museum, which is shaped like a Moche pyramid, contains all sorts of archeological artifacts that were discovered at Huaca Rajada, including jewelry, gold masks, and more. As you explore its exhibits you’ll learn about the religious beliefs and social structures of pre-Inca cultures. The most impressive part of this museum is the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, where you’ll find the remains of this king-god. The tombs of other dignitaries are also recreated.

This tour also visits the Sicán site of Túcume. This site is made up of some 26 adobe pyramids that are surrounded by desert and dry forest. It’s fascinating to walk around the pyramids, some of which are massive. Archeologists believe that the pyramids were built in phases and were likely inhabited by rulers and priests. One of the most notable pyramids is Huaca Larga. Your tour will also visit a small onsite museum at Túcume.

Attractions Visited

Huaca Rajada - Lord of Sipan Tomb

The outward appearance of Huaca Rajada is deceptive: these mud mountains (really adobe pyramids) may be less than striking at first glance, but are home to one of the most valuable tombs in Peru’s history. It’s recommended that those exploring this famous catacomb continue with a stop at the Tumbas Reales de Sipán museum in Chiclayo, for a comprehensive overview of this amazing find in the Lambayeque Valley.

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Known as “Purgatorio” (purgatory) by the local people, the Túcume site is one of the biggest pyramid complexes in Peru. These mountains of dripping mud used to be home to local shaman healers and a place of pilgrimage for the Lambayeque, Chimú, and Inca cultures.

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