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Tiahuanaco Full-Day Tour PhotoTiahuanaco Full-Day Tour Photo

This tour takes you to some lesser-known sites around Lake Titicaca, before crossing over into Bolivia to see the ancient cultural center of Tiahuanaco. You’ll depart at 7:00 am, and break for lunch once you arrive at Tiahuanaco — make sure to eat breakfast before leaving. Also, this tour crosses over into Bolivia, so bring your passport and $160 for the visa fee. Visa needs to be arranged al least 1 day before, and it can get it in Puno City: and you require to show the following: Hotel resevration, airticket, credit card copy, personal photo (passport size) and itinerary. Visa can be arranged also in your country.

First you’ll stop at a site called Inca Uyo, which was built several hundreds of years ago using ancient materials. According to locals this is an ancient fertility site, although archeologists have not been able to verify the site’s true origins. Next, you’ll visit the Aramu Muru, also known locally as “Puerta de Hayu Marca,” which translates to Gate of the Gods. Your guide can tell you about some of the local legends that surround this mysterious site, which is believed to have been built by the Inca. Then your tour continues to a small town called Pomata, which has a striking Dominican Church and is surrounded by incredible views of Lake Titicaca.

After snapping a few photos of the lake, you will continue to the town of Desaguadero, on the Peruvian-Bolivian border. There, you’ll present your passport and cross over into Bolivia. Finally you’ll arrive at your final destination, Tiahuanaco. You’ll have a break for lunch and then continue to see the area’s ancient stone constructions.

Tiahuanaco served as a cultural center for the Tiahuanaco people between 400 and 900 AD. On your tour, you’ll stop at the Puma Punku Pyramid and Akapana Pyramid. Near Akapana Pyramid, you’ll see busts that symbolize this culture’s practice of displaying their enemy’s severed heads. At Puerta del Sol — the “Sun Gate” — you’ll see a carved relief of one of Tiahuanaco’s deities. During the tour you’ll hear about Tiahuanaco stone-carving techniques and how their innovations influenced far-flung civilizations.

After your group completes exploration of the site, it’s time to begin the return journey. You will arrive back in Puno at 7:00 PM.

What to Bring

Light clothing with warmer outerwear for layering — weather in the mornings is cold, hot and windy by afternoon — cap and / or sunscreen, comfortable shoes, money for personal expenses (cash), drinks and/or snacks, and a valid passport. Important: US travelers must pay an additional tourist visa tax of $160.00 USD to enter Bolivia

What's included

Private transfer from Puno to Tiahuanaco, entrance fees, and lunch at Tiwanaku.
Tiahuanaco Full-Day TourTiahuanaco Full-Day TourTiahuanaco Full-Day TourTiahuanaco Full-Day TourTiahuanaco Full-Day Tour

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