Lake Titicaca Full Day Tour

Lake Titicaca is one of the prides of Peru. During this tour you’ll explore the lake’s floating Uro Islands and encounter an indigenous Quechua-speaking group on Taquile Island.

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  • Duration: 8 hrs
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Experience Highlights

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Lake Titicaca

The Uros Islands are probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The islands, which are about a 20-minute boat ride from Puno, are made up of giant piles of reeds that are anchored to the lake bottom. The reed, or tótora, is cut and continually replaced to keep the lake afloat. The scenery here – with the bright blue waters of Lake Titicaca shining in the background – is absolutely spectacular.

The Uros people are thought to have fled to these islands to escape forced labor in the Spanish mines. The locals still have a simple existence, fishing in huge tótora rafts adorned with dragon heads.

After visiting the Uros Islands, your tour continues on to Taquile Island, which is located about 22 miles (35 km) from Puno. The island is inhabited by about 2,000 Quechua speaking locals and offers travelers a good look at indigenous life. The island is small and has a few beaches and simple pre-Inca ruins. While here you’ll admire some impressive handicrafts and enjoy lunch.

Attraction Visited

Lake Titicaca

At a staggering 12,467 feet (3,800 m) above sea level, Lake Titicaca seems to nearly touch the sky. Maybe this is why the Inca believed that it was here that Viracocha, the creator god, created the sun. According to Inca legend, other Titicaca natives include the first Inca king, Manco Copac. One of the highest lakes in the world, surrounded by mountains on either side, Titicaca is an obvious candidate for the stuff of legends.

Lake Titicaca

What to Bring

Hat, sunscreen, and camera.

What's included

Transportation, guide, and lunch. Includes also a short ride in a totora raft between 2 Uros floating islands.


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Traveler Comments

There was so many things to coordinate like checking out of accommodation, leaving luggage somewhere, getting back to accommodation on time to get luggage and then getting to airport and everything went according to plan seamlessly.

- LAURA R, SEP 2019

Loved loved the lake. Wish I was able to stay on the island vs city.

- STACIE B, JUL 2019

Beautiful trip, exceptional views

- ANETA I, JUL 2018
Lake Titicaca is one of the prides of Peru.Lake Titicaca Full Day Tour86

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