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Puno tours and activities listing, a guide of excursions available while traveling in Puno
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Lake Titicaca is an enormous lake with islands that are home to indigenous people. On this 2-day tour you will meet some of these natives, and even spend a night at the home of a family that lives on Amantani Island. On your tour of the lake, you’ll also learn about the history and mythology of Lake Titicaca.
The Colca Canyon is one of Peru’s hidden wonders. This canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but it’s still off the radar for most travelers. During this tour you’ll spend 3 days and 2 nights exploring the Colca Canyon.
Brief Itinerary
DAY 1 – Overnight at Real Plaza Hotel in La Paz
PM - Transfer to La Paz airport. Flight to Uyuni. Transfer to your hotel
Overnight at Salt hotel Luna Salada or Cristal Samaña (2019) in Uyuni.
DAY 3 - Full day excursion to the Salt Flats Uyuni including lunch.
PM Trasfer to Uyuni Airport. Flight to La Paz. Transfer to your hotel.
Overnight at Real Plaza Hotel in La Paz.
DAY 4 - Transfer to La Paz Airport.
Take this tour to learn about modern culture around the lake as well as the fascinating history left behind by the indigenous people. This tour takes you to the many attractions on Sun Island, the legendary birthplace of the Inca Sun God and the Inca empire itself. The first stop of the tour is at Copacabana, the main Bolivian town on the shores of Lake Titicaca, so make sure to bring your passport and a visa!
Take this tour to spend a full day exploring the Colca Canyon and its surrounding villages. This is a breathtaking landscape, with one of the deepest canyons in the world, swooping Andean condors, and a patchwork of rich, green farmland.
Visit the pre-Incan burial grounds of Sillustani on this tour. The tombs, or chullpas, of Sillustani stand above the ground on a bluff overlooking Lake Umayo.
Lake Titicaca is one of the prides of Peru. During this tour you’ll explore the lake’s floating Uro Islands and encounter an indigenous Quechua-speaking group on Taquile Island.
The Colca Canyon is one of Peru’s most beautiful and dramatic areas. This canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and is scattered with mountains, rivers, and small villages. During this tour you’ll spend 2 days and 1 night exploring the Colca Canyon.
On this trip you’ll taking a boating tour of Lake Titicaca, and see what remains of Andean and Inca cultures. This two-day, one-night tour brings visitors to isolated Inca ruins, and to traditional communities that still make their home on this legendary lake.
This tour takes you to some lesser-known sites around Lake Titicaca, before crossing over into Bolivia to see the ancient cultural center of Tiahuanaco. You’ll depart at 7:00 am, and break for lunch once you arrive at Tiahuanaco — make sure to eat breakfast before leaving. Also, this tour crosses over into Bolivia, so bring your passport and $160 for the visa fee. Visa needs to be arranged al least 1 day before, and it can get it in Puno City: and you require to show the following: Hotel resevration, airticket, credit card copy, personal photo (passport size) and itinerary. Visa can be arranged also in your country.
Located in the high Andean plateau between Peru & Bolivia, Uros Khantati is one of over 50 small islands in an extraordinary archipelago of floating reed islands populated by the Uros, an ancient indigenous people. This island, Khantati, is an authentic rural homestay you won't find anywhere else. Their goal is to provide you, the visitor, with a living hands-on experience there among the reed islands of Lake Titicaca. Their lives depend on the lake, so they strive to ensure their impact on the environment is minimal. Their island accommodations are clean, comfortable, and always ecologically friendly.
LASTING: 5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS - TYPE: PRIVATE   Brief Itinerary   DAY 1 – Overnight at Camino Real Apart Hotel in La Paz  DAY 2 ‐  AM – Half day City Tour La Paz & Moon Valey  / PM  Transfer to La Paz airport. . Transfer in uyuni to your hotel.                Overnight at Salt hotel Cristal Samaña in Uyuni.  DAY 3  - Full day excursion to the Salt Flats Uyuni including lunch.  Overnight at Salt Hotel Cristal Samaña in Uyuni   DAY 4 – Overland drive in 4WD from Uyuni to Ojo de Perdiz (Silioli Desert). Overnight at Tayka Del Desierto in Ojo de Perdiz (Silioli Desert). DAY 5 - Overland drive in 4WD from Ojo de Perdiz to Hito Cajon (border Chile/Bolivia) to San Pedro de Atacama/Chile, including visits to the Red and Green Lagoons as well as the Geysers Sol de Mañana. Box lunch included.
LASTING: 3 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS TYPE: PRIVATE Brief Itinerary DAY 1 – Overnight at Casa de Don Tomas Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama. DAY 2 - Full day to Altiplanic Lagoons, Atacama Salt Flats & Toconao Lunch. Overnight at Casa de Don Tomas Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama. DAY 3 – AM. Tatio Geysers / PM. Cejar Lagoon. 17:00 – Transfer to Calama Airport.
Double your adventure when you depart from the border city of Puno, Peru to explore La Paz, Bolivia. This tour will take you to colonial structures, museums, ancient replicas, intriguing city shops, and more. With a half day and full day option, you can decide how much Bolivian excitement you can handle in one day!
On this tour of Santiago de Chile, you’ll get to see some of the most iconic buildings that define the culture of Chile’s capital city. This tour is equal parts education and experience – along the way, you’ll get to meet locals, taste the food, and hear the music that makes up the fabric of everyday life in Chile.
Brief Itinerary  
DAY 1 –  Private transfer from San Pedro to Ollague (Border Bolivia/Chile).
Private transfer from Ollague to Uyuni. Box lunch included.
Overnight at Salt hotel Luna Salada in Uyuni in a   Deluxe Matrimonial room with sunrise view +
Buffet breakfast.
DAY 2  - Full day excursion to the Salt Flats Uyuni including lunch.  Overnight at Salt Hotel Luna
Salada in Uyuni.  
DAY 3 – Full day excursion to the Salt Flats Uyuni (North side) including lunch.  Overnight at Salt Hotel Luna
Salada in Uyuni.  
DAY 4 - Overland drive in 4WD from Uyuni to Hito Cajon (border Chile/Bolivia) and then to San Pedro de Atacama/Chile, including visits to the Red and Green Lagoons as well as the Geysers Sol de Mañana. Box lunch included.