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4 Things to Do in Trujillo

Civilizations of Trujillo, Peru
Civilizations of TrujilloTrujillo

During this full day tour you’ll explore Peru’s Moche and Chimú civilizations. Along the way you’ll visit the Sun and Moon Huacas, Huaca Arcos Iris , the archeological site of Chan Chan, and the traditional town of Huanchaco.

Peruvian Paso Horse Exhibition and Marinera Dance, Peru
Peruvian Paso Horse Exhibition and Marinera DanceTrujillo

Experience two Peruvian cultural traditions during this tour—you’ll see dancers perform the Marinera and witness the Peruvian paso horse in action.

Chan Chan, Huaca El Dragon and Huanchaco Tour, Peru
Chan Chan, Huaca El Dragon and Huanchaco TourTrujillo

This tour provides travelers with an excellent look at Peru’s Chimú civilization. You’ll visit the Huaca Arcos Iris , the traditional town of Huanchaco, and Chan Chan, one of the most important archaeological sites in Peru.

Guided Tours
Trujillo City & Archaeology Museum, Peru
Trujillo City & Archaeology MuseumTrujillo

Explore both the colonial mansions of Trujillo and the Archeology and History Museum during this tour. Afterwards you’ll have a much better appreciation for the “City of Eternal Spring.”

City Tour

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