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Peru is a large country with an incredible variety of destinations, and Anywhere is here to make sure your vacation takes you everywhere you want to go. Tell us what about Peru inspires you to pack your bags.

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Peru Family Vacation Ideas

Pack your trip with education and adventure! And we’ll find the perfect hotel.

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Hike hand-in-hand down beautiful trails to incredible, romantic ruins.

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See Peru at high speeds! Try zip lining, horseback riding, and biking.

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Treat yourself to Peru’s 5-star hotels and million-star views.

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Explore the local terrain like a pro — stay in upscale eco-lodges or cozy cabins.

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Vacation in Peru

Why Peru?

In Peru you can find rare wildlife and even rarer glimpses into the past at fascinating archeological sites. We can guide you on treks to some of Peru’s real showstoppers – the mysterious ruins of Inca cities. Peru’s landscape has produced interesting culinary trends, and on nature and culture tours you’ll see where Peruvian chefs get their inspiration.

What Can I do in Peru?

Visit the Andes and see traditional outdoor markets. Go on incredible hikes along paths built by the Inca, or go off the beaten path into a tangled rainforest. Voyage deep into the Amazon Basin for the chance to learn about indigenous cultures that still live off the land, and find cutting-edge restaurants in Lima’s trendy neighborhoods.

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Design your vacation however you want. If you want us to take care of every detail, get a package vacation that comes with everything included. For a more hands-on approach, sign up for a personalized vacation and tailor every detail to your satisfaction.

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