Just 29 miles (47 km) from Belize City is The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center. “Zoo” isn’t the best description for this place – this is truly a natural wildlife habitat. The environment is untouched within the zoo’s 29 acres (12 ha), and is home to 150 animals (48 species total).

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Because the animals roam free and happy in their natural habitats, guides lead visitors through the zoo in carts, with some walking through the jungle as well. Big cats, primates, colorful reptiles, and exotic birds can all be seen beneath the forest canopy, familiar enough with humans that guides can bring visitors for a closer look than you could get on a safari.

The zoo’s original story is fascinating. It begins with the 1983 documentary Selva Verde (“Green Forest”). The Belizean film team gathered 17 animals (an ocelot, a puma, a jaguar, and exotic birds) to appear in the film. Unfortunately, the animals became tame (and some were born in this semi-captivity), and when the film wrapped, releasing them into the wild would have meant their deaths. The film’s animal trainer stayed in Belize to build a makeshift zoo and generate funds for the animals’ care. She found that Belizeans were surprisingly unfamiliar with – and superstitious about – the native wildlife, and formed an educational organization to teach locals and tourists alike about these animals and their environment.

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Belize Zoo - Animal Rehab & Education Center

The Belize Zoo is a small non-profit zoo that serves as a home to orphaned, injured, and rehabilitated animals that can no longer survive in the wild. Founded in 1983, the zoo has played an important educational role – it has taught both local residents and tourists about native Belize wildlife and the critical role these animals play in the ecosystem.

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Comfortable walking shoes, bug spray, and a camera.

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Transportation, guided tour, entrance fees, bottled water.


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