Belize Mountain Range Destinations

When you think Belize, you probably think of soft sand, vibrant blue waters, and colourful tropical birds. While all of these things are a part of Belize, they are not the beginning and end of the country. Though beaches have made Belize a quintessential island paradise, the country also boasts mountain ranges that many travellers end up missing.

San Ignacio Belize
San Ignacio

Mayan Mountains

Guided hikes reveal some of the country’s most interesting animals like jaguars and tapirs, as well as plants like orchids. Make a plan to visit the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, where you can hike past stunning waterfalls and venture into caves that hide Mayan artifacts.

Besides offering lots of outdoorsy adventure, San Ignacio is also a cultural hub — this is one of the best places in Belize to meet modern-day Mayans.

Punta Gorda Belize
Punta Gorda

Caribbean Coast

When you're staying at a jungle lodge, you'll have a view of the grassy peaks in the distance. Punta Gorda isn’t a tourist town, and when you're here, you'll encounter authentic Belizean culture.