Caracol Mayan Site Tour

Caracol Mayan Site Tour

Caracol Mayan Temples was discovered in 1938 by loggers, located deep within the Chiquibul Forest Reserve now it is the most extensive Maya site in Belize and one of the biggest in the Maya World.

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Caracol Mayan Temples is a Classic Period urban center that spread out over 55 square miles with an estimated population of 180,000 people. Caracol’s enormous central core area covered 15 square miles and was linked together by more than 20 miles of “sacbeobs” (causeways) that radiated outward from its epicenter. The temple “Caana” rises 42 meters above plaza level and to this day is the largest man-made structure in Belize.

Attraction Visited

Caracol Ruins

When you visit the Caracol ruins, you’ll get to see over 30 structures built by the Mayans, including the tower of Caana, the tallest structure in all of Belize. To reach Caracol, you’ll visit the Chiquibul Forest Reserve in western Belize, at the foothills of the Maya mountains.

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What to Bring

Hat, sunscreen, water, insect repellant, camera, binoculars, and raingear if needed. Short or long pants and sturdy footwear, sleeve lengths are optional

What's included

Transportation, guide, entrance fee, packed lunch


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