Is There Vegetarian Food In Belize?

Belizeans love their meat. But if you know what to look for, Belize serves up plenty of hearty vegetarian options.

Belizeans have a knack for baking, and you’ll find lots of delicious bread. Try fry jack for breakfast – it’s a fried pocket of fluffy bread you can fill with the condiment of your choice. Johnnycakes and creole bread made with coconut milk are popular baked goods that will fill you up at brekfast time.

Belize has a tropical climate, so you’ll have easy access to a wide variety of exotic fruits, like dragon fruit and fresh coconut. Fried plantains are a sweet, hearty side dish for when you’re ready to munch on something something besides fruit salad.

There is not as much of a variety of vegetables in Belize. Belize still relies heavily on imported, canned vegetables. For something new, try chocho, a variety of Belizean squash.

Rice-and-beans is a staple of the Belizean diet. This dish consists of rice and beans cooked together, simmered in a pot of coconut milk. Do not confuse this with beans and rice, another common side of beans and rice cooked separately, which is more likely to include some type of meat.

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