What Is Belizean Food Like?

Typical food in Belize is slow-cooked, hearty, and gets its flavor from cheaper cuts of meat or tropical fruit, like coconut. Most of the food is either distinctly Mexican or Caribbean. Rice and beans is an important staple, as are stews made from leftover cuts of pork or beef. Food isn't usually too spicy, but hot sauce is a popular condiment, especially a Belizean brand called Marie Sharp's.

There isn’t a lot of emphasis on the importance of fresh veggies in Belizean cuisine – agriculture has yet to catch up with demand, and for years Belizean cooks depended on expensive imports of canned goods to get their vegetables. Cooks serve side dishes of vegetables like carrots and cho cho (a type of squash) steamed and fairly plain. Like any Caribbean country, Belize has a good variety of sweet, tropical fruit.

The Mexican influence is the most obvious in the proliferation of taco stands by the side of the road. Salbutes and granaches are popular types of open-faced tacos that usually come with meat and cabbage.

Fish caught near the beach is usually slathered in Creole spices and grilled. Fish and shrimp are also often fried, or served raw with citrus juice as ceviche.

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