What Kinds of Alcohol Are Available in Belize?

Belizeans have a fondness for spirits, especially rum. Rum is popular in the Caribbean because its main ingredient, sugar cane, grows well in coastal regions. You can’t go wrong with a cocktail made from rum and fresh fruit juice.

Bitters, usually used only as a fragrant afterthought in American and European cocktails, have a prominent role in many Belizean health regimes. Bitters are made with high-proof rum, infused with herbs and roots. These are often marketed as having curative properties, and some locals make their own. Ask around to find out which is the best concoction, and then make sure you have a chaser nearby.

Imported wine is expensive and not very popular in Belize. You can find homemade wine made from cashews, blackberries, and rice in small towns in the Belize River Valley. The village of Crooked Tree is known for its Cashew Festival, and for its homemade cashew wine.

Belikin Beer is by far the most popular beer in Belize, and it is brewed and bottled in Belize City, at the Belize Brewing Company. They make a lager, a stout, a popular IPA called Belikin Premium, and a lite beer called Lighthouse Lager.

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