Are There Many Insects In Belize?

Belize is home to a huge variety of insects, especially in the rainforest.

Mosquitos, ticks, sand flies, and bot flies are the most common insects to bother humans. Mosquito bites present a slight risk for malaria, and sand fly bites produce itchy hives. Bot flies lay their eggs on mosquitos, and mosquitos can insert the bot fly egg under your skin when they bite you.

All of theses pests can be kept at bay with bug spray, especially bug spray that has 20 percent DEET.

There are a few unusual species that visitors should know about.

Africanized bees also live in Belize, but they do not present a persistent threat. Most people can outrun these types of bees. Bullet ants are much larger than ants would you find at home, and have an incredibly painful bite. They live in the rainforest, and you can avoid them by not sitting on the ground.

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