Belize AirBnB

If you want to use Anywhere’s travel services, but also want to consider local Airbnbs, don’t fret—you can have both! Anywhere is Airbnb friendly, and we’ll happily add your Airbnb reservations to your itineraries. Once you’ve booked your rooms on Airbnb, let us take care of booking all the tours and transportation you need for a flawless itinerary.

Airbnb came fairly recently to Belize, but there are already some impressive rentals. You can find excellent options in all of Belize’s major cities.

One of Belize’s Airbnbs recently made headlines—a European ex-pat purchased an island with a beach house that he has opened up to visitors.


Although the option above has received media attention, it’s not the only private island you can book


…To name just a few.

And of course, you can find lovely practical options for a quick stay in Belize City


Or something that serves as a base camp while you explore nearby Maya ruins, like the Yarl Villa in San Ignacio


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