Do I Need to Take Malaria Pills or Get Certain Vaccinations for a trip to Belize?

You do not need to get malaria medication in order to travel to Belize. Rates of malarial infections have dropped precipitously over the last couple of decades, and travelers have a low risk of contracting malaria.

Although malaria is no longer a common disease in Belize, it is still possible to contract it during your travels. You are most likely to come into contact with malaria in Cayo, Stann Creek, and Toledo. If you want to err on the side of caution, talk to your doctor about what type of anti-malarial drugs you should take.

No vaccines are required to visit Belize, but you should be up-to-date on your regular vaccines, such as MMR and tetanus. Depending on what activities you have planned, you may also consider hepatitis A & B, typhoid, and rabies.

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