If I Need Medicine, Can I Easily Get It in Belize?

Small mom-and-pop type pharmacies in Belize tend to be lenient with prescriptions, allowing customers to take home their prescribed medications even if the doctor notes have been forgotten. Large pharmacies or hospitals require valid prescriptions. In Belize City, an easy choice is the Pharmacy Express, catering to tourists right outside the Tourism Village where cruise ships disembark.

Medicine in Belize is typically marked at a 25% higher price than in the U.S., but practically any type of medication is available. Fortunately, basics like pain medication and antibiotics are not taxed.

The official language in Belize is English (Queen Elizabeth is still “Queen of Belize”), which is an advantage when you need to read medicine labels.

There are low-cost public hospitals/clinics in most cities and towns in Belize. For anything less than an emergency, travelers should be prepared to wait for hours.

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