Is it Safe to Eat the Local Fruits and Vegetables in Belize?

You can eat local fruit and vegetables, as long as you make sure to rinse them in bottled (or otherwise purified) water. Fruits that come with a thick peel – like oranges or bananas – are safer to eat since they don’t require rinsing.

Make sure to avoid fruits that have been rinsed in tap water. When you’re sampling local fruit juices, ask if they have been diluted with tap water, well water, or unpasteurized milk. Any of these additions would make your juice unsafe to drink. Contaminated liquid could contain typhoid, hepatitis A, or bacteria that will give you diarrhea. Popsicles made from fresh fruit juice present the same risk.

Avoid raw fruits and vegetables served in restaurants, since you can’t be sure how they were handled before they were served.