Can I Bring My Pet to Belize?

Airlines will allow you to fly in with your dog, should it meet all airline weight/size requirements and have records of vaccinations and the rabies shot. The fee to enter Belize with your dog is BZ$75, and you must have the paperwork required by Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA).

It is not, however, recommended to travel with your pet to Belize. Not only are dog supplies such as medicines, cones, toys, and treats hard to find, Belize is simply not a very dog-friendly country aswell: Belizeans tend to keep these pets for home protection, and do not train their dogs to be friendly with other people or dogs.

There is also a feral dog problem in Belize. Stray dogs may attack your dog, or infect your dog with one of the many diseases strays tend to suffer from.

Also keep in mind that in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, dogs are not allowed in the shelters.