How Are Gay and Lesbian Travelers Received in Belize?

Belize does not have progressive ideas regarding the LGBT community, so much so that there are not many LGBT communities in Belize. Same-gender sexual “activity” is illegal in Belize, and homosexual people are actually prohibited from entering the country.

That being said, homosexual people do enter the country, all the time. It is a sad reality, however, that they may have to keep their orientation under the radar while traveling in public. Public displays of affection, it should be noted, are frowned upon, homosexual or otherwise. Of course, most Belizean citizens consider themselves either wholly accepting or “tolerant” of gay people, and gay couples can enjoy romantic getaways in local resorts.

There are two known and safe gay nightlife spots in Belize: Jaguar’s gay-friendly dance club on the Ambergris Caye, and Barefoot Bar, an ex-pat hotspot, in Placencia.

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