Where Is The Best Surfing in Belize?

Belize isn’t known for surfing destinations — the Belize Barrier Reef tends to get in the way. However, there is one primo surf spot the nation boasts; it's incredibly beautiful, but to access it, you actually have to make arrangements with a surf company.

Glover's Reef is the only spot with reliable surfing — especially on Long Caye. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beaches of Glover's reef are not public; you have to make arrangements with the surf company there if you’d like to visit.

For all of Belize's beautiful crystal clear waters, the nation isn't much of a surf paradise, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of aquatic activities to enjoy. When you're done surfing, you still have windsurfing, kayaking, and snorkeling to look forward to — these are all excellent options for exploring Belize’s cayes.

When you're finally ready to dry off, there are plenty of Belize beaches where you can soak up the sunshine or nap in a hammock — caressed by the occasional tropical breeze. Even if you plan on spending the majority of your vacation at the beach, you'll still want to pack more than swimsuits for Belize.

Since you'll already be in the water, there's no reason you can't visit Belize during the wet/rainy season, but if you can't get enough of sunshine, then the best time to visit Belize is during the dry season (November to April).

Choose your own adventure as you voyage to Belize, because you can fly in, or arrive by land or sea. As for being granted entry to Belize, you'll need little more than a valid passport (pending your country of origin).

P.S. The Belize Barrier Reef may keep you from surfing, but it is beautiful and ecologically crucial. Learn more in "This Will NOT Be The End of The Belize Barrier Reef."

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