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Airbnb has expanded to 191 countries, including Peru! Staying in an Airbnb allows travelers to stay away from commercial chains and feel a little more like a local. Anywhere always wants to support businesses that help support the local economy. If you’d like to book places with Airbnb, we’re happy to add those to your itinerary. Anywhere can still take care of your transportation, tours, and in-country support.

You can find affordable apartments like this one with a stunning view overlooking Lima's coast.


Or choose something luxurious and modern with floor-to-ceiling windows in the heart of the city.


If you’re traveling in a large group, Villa Tayta is tucked away in the sacred valley and offers a sumptuous getaway


In more remote areas, the selection is slimmer. But you can still find comfortable options, including this bohemian home in Trujillo. A northern destination that is near some of Peru’s must-see archeological sites.


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Jan 2020
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