What is Food Like in Vietnam?

You’ve probably heard of pho, the fragrant soup made of stewed beef bones and spices. Other noodle dishes like bun bo hue and bun cha are also worth your attention — bo bun hue has a hearty beef broth and a thick noodle, and bun cha gets its umami-heavy kick from fish sauce. You’ll see unusual cuts of meat added to soup, like tripe and blood cake.

Meals always come served with a nice variety of condiments — hot peppers, fresh herbs, and fish sauce are among the most common. Meals are typically served with lots of fresh vegetables, which nicely compliments the fried-to-a-crisp spring rolls.

Rice grows well in Southeast Asia, and it’s a staple food. Vermicelli noodles — the noodles in pho and bun cha — are made from rice. Rice wine is a popular shot, taken with a few boisterous toasts.

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