Caracol Mayan Ruins

Caracol Mayan Ruins

Take this tour to see one of the largest Maya ruins in the world inside the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. It begins with an early morning drive from Chaa Creek—you’ll travel 2 hours to reach this site.

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This site covers many miles—at its height in 650 AD, it had a population of around 15,000 people. It’s complete with temples, palaces, plazas, stelaes, ball courts, and around 70 tombs. Caracol’s crown jewel is the Canaa tower, which is 141 feet (43 m) tall. Your guide will tell you more about the meaning behind the many hieroglyphs engraved on these structures.

In addition to Maya ruins, this is also a good spot for bird watching. Ocellated turkeys are some of the rare birds that you can expect to find in the area, and your guide can point out some of these animals along the way.

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Caracol Ruins

When you visit the Caracol ruins, you’ll get to see over 30 structures built by the Mayans, including the tower of Caana, the tallest structure in all of Belize. To reach Caracol, you’ll visit the Chiquibul Forest Reserve in western Belize, at the foothills of the Maya mountains.

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