What is Belize's Population and Ethnic Makeup?

Belize has a relatively tiny population of around 330,000. More than half of Belize’s population is mestizo, which is an ethnicity of blended Spanish and indigenous heritage. Many of Belize’s mestizo citizens originally came from Mexico or Guatemala.

Around 25 percent of Belize’s population is Kriol (also spelled Creole). Kriol developed out of the African cultures that slaves brought with them to the Caribbean. Kriol is the second-most commonly spoken language in Belize, after Spanish. Garífuna people make up another 3 percent of the population. They are also descendants of slaves brought to the Caribbean from Africa. Populations of Kriol and Garífuna people are more concentrated on the country’s Caribbean Coast.

Different sub-groups of Maya natives make up 11 percent of the population.

Belize also has a very small percentage of East Indians and Mennonites.