What Can I Do to Minimize My Impact in Ecuador?

Ecuador's biological and cultural diversity is incredible, and taking steps to minimize your impact can go a long way towards making sure that it stays that way. Here are a few tips for traveling sustainably in Ecuador.

  • Use water carefully by taking short showers.

  • Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up with filtered water throughout the trip, instead of buying a new water bottle every time you're thirsty.

  • Save electricity by turning off lights and air conditioners when you're not in a room.

  • Buy local products and food instead of shopping at a chain grocery or department store.

  • Refuse to buy souvenirs that are made with endangered animal products, and don't take home any shells, animal bones, or plants.

  • Don't disturb wildlife.

  • Stay at hotels that incorporate sustainability into their business model.

  • Ask locals for permission before taking their picture.

  • Give back to the communities you visit by volunteering your time or donating money to worthy organizations.

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