Ecuador Beaches

Ecuador's beaches are a hidden treasure for travellers who make the time to explore the country's coastline. Despite mellow towns and scenic views, Ecuador's beaches aren't as well known as some of its neighbours — and that's a shame. Or is it? After all, that's less competition for you! The following destinations will provide you with exclusive access to sun, fun, and sand whilst you're in Ecuador.

Montañita Ecuador


Surfers come here for the long break and consistent waves, which can reach a height of 10 feet near the point. Less experienced surfers can practice their technique with the gentler beach break. If you're not much of a surfer, the beach is still a great place to do some people-watching.

Because of its popularity among backpackers, you can find lots of affordable accommodations near the beach. These accommodations echo the mellow vibe of the beach.

Puerto Lopez Ecuador
Puerto Lopez


Machalilla Park has three impressive beaches. It’s typically fairly uncrowded here, and there’s a viewpoint where you might be able to observe some whales at a distance. Farther inland, you can also find nature trails for easy hikes.