Islands of Ecuador

Ecuador’s crown jewel is by far the island chain of the Galápagos — a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is home to a population of plants and animals unlike anything else on the entire planet. Even more miraculous is the fact that the animals here are used to human visitors, and don't mind sharing their beaches. This means that you'll have ample opportunity to observe the amazing wildlife up-close (from a respectful distance, of course).

Ecuador's Galápagos Archipelago has 13 main islands, each with distinct attractions. On the islands of Santa Cruz and San Cristóbal, you will find charming accommodations that will help you make the most of the surrounding scenery. Some of the islands closer to Ecuador's mainland are less heavily inhabited, and therefore more rustic. They are home to parks and preserves where exotic waterfowl can flourish.

Not only is exploring Ecuador's Galápogos Islands a treat, the journey from island to island tends to be enjoyable in its own right. You sail from one majestic spot to the next along tranquil and vibrant waters. For extra indulgence, consider taking a luxury cruise aboard a yacht — an experience which is sure to make a unique destination even more memorable.