Islands of Ecuador

Ecuador’s crown jewel is by far the island chain of the Galápagos — a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is home to a population of plants and animals unlike anything else on the entire planet. Even more miraculous is the fact that the animals here are used to human visitors, and don't mind sharing their beaches. This means that you'll have ample opportunity to observe the amazing wildlife up-close (from a respectful distance, of course).

Santa Cruz Ecuador
Santa Cruz


Of course, Santa Cruz has plenty to offer all on its own. There’s a beautiful beach on Tortuga Bay. Follow a trail through the lava tunnels and pay a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station.

You can find beautiful waterfront hotels that allow you to take in the tropical atmosphere or stay in one of the more remote hotels in the lush highlands.

Isabela Ecuador


Follow paths that meander around saltwater lagoons, where flamingos wade in the shallows. There’s a lot to explore on Isabela Island, but it’s also a short distance from other must-see islands — Santa Cruz Island is just two hours away via ferry.