Ecuador Surfing Beaches

Are you an Ecuador surfing beginner?...Perhaps you're a pro?...The beauty of Ecuador is that it makes no difference. Whether this is your first time riding the waves, or you've been doing it since you were big enough to carry your own board, Ecuador's surfing beaches offer something for every skill level. So, if you're hoping to book a surf getaway, but need to accommodate the entire family or all of your friends, we've got you covered.

Santa Cruz Ecuador
Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz’s surfing potential is not immediately obvious, but you can find time on a few surfing beaches if you know where to look. To surf in Santa Cruz, you might follow a guide to a more obscure surfing beach like Stitches, a popular destination for surfers who are up for especially challenging waves.

Mix and match your aquatic adventures after surfing in Santa Cruz, you can head to San Cristóbal Island — reachable by ferry in a little over two hours.

San Cristóbal Ecuador
San Cristóbal


Experienced surfers can find incredible waves near the small town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Some of the waves here are fast-moving barrel waves, so it’s not a beach for beginner surfers. It is possible to find easier, A-frame waves near the reef — ask a local expert about the best spots, and keep in mind that you may need a guide to find some of the more exclusive waves.

Even if you find the waves here a bit beyond your surfing expertise, it’s worth coming to the beach just to admire the stunning surf.