Ecuador Rainforests

Beauty and magic are awaiting you in Ecuador's rainforests, where monkeys and tropical birds give the natural world a boisterous personality, as they travel noisily from tree to tree. Hikes will take you past waterfalls and dense, colorful vegetation, reminding you that you're on a proper jungle trek. The Achuar Tribal Lands serve as a reminder that the Amazon still has a sizable population of indigenous people. Some are willing to interact with visitors, although many prefer to keep their distance. Sound amazing? It is!

Cuyabeno Ecuador


Swamps and wetlands attract a huge variety of birds — keep your voice low and paddle closer with the help of a guide. You'll need a guide to see this part of the rainforest! Besides helping you navigate the dense scenery, your guide can help you spot some of this landscape’s most interesting plants and animals.

Yasuní Ecuador


Visitors to Yasuní should be sure not to miss visiting the Macaw Salt Lick, where flocks of colorful macaws gather to snack on the salty minerals. Get more information on this dazzling environment at the Wildlife Interpretation Center, where you can also learn about the Kichwa people that call the rainforest home.

While you're here, help preserve the rainforest with a stay at a nicely appointed ecolodge. At the Napo Wildlife Center, you can have a thatched roof cabana all to yourself.