Ecuador Rainforests

Ecuador Rainforests


Beauty and magic are awaiting you in Ecuador's rainforests, where monkeys and tropical birds give the natural world a boisterous personality, as they travel noisily from tree to tree. Hikes will take you past waterfalls and dense, colorful vegetation, reminding you that you're on a proper jungle trek. The Achuar Tribal Lands serve as a reminder that the Amazon still has a sizable population of indigenous people. Some are willing to interact with visitors, although many prefer to keep their distance. Sound amazing? It is!

Unfortunately, oil companies have posed a threat to the ecological diversity of Ecuador's rainforests in recent decades, so lodges throughout the jungle typically emphasize the importance of sustainable tourism. Ecuador's rainforest lodges also have the added benefit of offering you a highly unique experience whilst you support an important cause, because you'll often find yourself return from exciting excursions to accommodations you cannot possibly find on even the most elaborate city rooftops. Head to Yasuní and you'll see what we mean.

Don't just read about Ecuador's rainforests, experience them for yourself and make your next travel story the stuff of legend.

#1:  Cuyabeno

You haven't truly seen the rainforest until you go somewhere like Cuyabeno, one of the few remaining places in the world where you can see primary rainforest.

Swamps and wetlands attract a huge variety of birds — keep your voice low and paddle closer with the help of a guide. You'll need a guide to see this part of the rainforest! Besides helping you navigate the dense scenery, your guide can help you spot some of this landscape’s most interesting plants and animals.

#2:  Tena

If you take a rafting or kayaking trip down one of the rivers, you’ll be treated to rapids that take you past a dense tangle of rainforest. Napo and Tena River feed into the Amazon River. These swift rivers make the surrounding rainforest a cooler, more pleasant temperature than the rest of the Amazon, making this an especially nice spot for nature walks.

As you would expect in the rainforest, Tena is home to a huge variety of wildlife. Many of these animals are highly elusive, but on hikes here you can expect to see toucans and many different species of monkey.

Tena is a small town, but the largest in Ecuador’s Amazon. During your visit you can choose from lodges that surround you with the sights and sounds of the jungle. Hike through the surrounding rainforest to see some spectacular waterfalls, like the San Rafael Waterfall or Las Latas. San Rafael is a gigantic cascade, while Las Latas is gentle enough for swimming in the pool below.